From Battlefield to Belt Maker: A SEAL's Tale of Resilience


Founder Mack meticulously crafting leather belts in the workshop, embodying resilience and attention to detail.


It's an image I can't shake:

Two Chinook helicopters hovering above, waiting to airlift my squad after a complex Helo-cast exercise in Africa. However, something was not right. Just as I pondered the helicopters' prolonged hovering, my world went dark.

TBI: A Personal Catastrophe

Traumatic Brain Injury—TBI for short. These three words redefined everything for me. I had been a breacher, an expert in explosives, but now I was grappling with an entirely different battle that affected my emotions, speech, vision, and balance.

Facing Medical and Emotional Challenges Head-On

My new routine consisted of hospital visits, doctors, and a cocktail of medications. But despite all the medical support, my life seemed to spiral out of control. My deteriorating speech and volatile emotions made me feel like a ticking time bomb.

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Losing It All to Gain Something New

After a divorce, losing my house, and draining my bank accounts, my new home became a Walmart parking lot. It wasn't ideal, but when you've endured the harsh conditions of Yemen, Africa, and Iraq, a truck in a parking lot can feel like a sanctuary.

Mack standing in the scenic Montana wilderness, proudly wearing a Mack Belt that symbolizes resilience and craftsmanship.

Seeking Solace in Nature

I found my escape in Montana, where I decided to break free from the suffocating grip of medications and give my mind the healing it so desperately needed.

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Craftsmanship as a Beacon of Hope

That's when I turned to craftsmanship. Making belts wasn't just an activity; it became my lifeline. I threw myself into it, crafting belts as if each stitch and buckle could hold together my unraveling life.

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Mack Belts: A Testament to Enduring Quality

My belts are not just accessories; they embody the life lessons and adversities I've faced. If you're someone who values durability and a product with a story behind it, then you'll understand the heart and soul that goes into every
Mack Belt. 

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Sharing My Story to Help Others

My aim is not to sell you a product, but to extend a lifeline to anyone finding themselves on the edge of despair. If you're struggling and in search of hope, let's keep the conversation alive. 

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