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Built like a tank

I just received my Rust Oak Gun Belt a few days ago. Man this thing is built like a tank. I’ve been in law enforcement for almost 26 years (with less than 4 months to go before retirement) and wish this had been around sooner. I’ve never previously found a belt that can withstand months of off-duty concealed carry without fraying or getting weak. I’m sure this one will last the rest of my life. Great product. Randy

First time wearer

I prefer column strength in a belt and this belt has it. The heavy duty buckle, coupled with a 1.5 inch tape, makes me feel like Cordell Walker back in the 90’s (IYKYK). He wore a solid kickass belt while his shirt never moved. I have now wore the belt 3 times. It appears to break in slightly, which most likely is indicative of the performance characteristics of the leather that is used. If you are looking for an industrial grade belt that a real man would appreciate, I recommend getting one.

The Kenai Belt
Ed Allred

The Kenai Belt

More than I expected

Strongest built belt buckle I’ve seen by far. Made from heavy steel but doesn’t feel heavy or bulky, it’s comfortable. Looks good and could easily smash a window like shown in the videos.

The Operator Belt
Rocklyn Shiffer
Best belt ever

Thanks for this solid belt. Most of my belts have been too weak to last. I love my Operator belt by Mack.

The Dark-30 Belt
Barry Schneider

Fantastic quality. Love it

The Judge Belt
Christopher Boes
Ultimate Christmas Presant

My brother has everything and therefore is hard to shop for. He saw my belt by Macks Belts and was very interested. I had to keep the maker a secret so that I could get him a Christmas present that he will want and use. I can't wait to see his face this Christmas when he opens this up. The quality is superior and like Mack says, its virtually indestructible.

Great qualities 

Great quality 

Rust Oak Gun Belt
Dave Pilotte

Another banger belt from Mack #2. Number three is on my Christmas list for wifey!!

Coal Black Gun Belt
Dave Pilotte
Best belt ever

Got my first Mack belt two weeks ago. The Coal black gun belt. Bout my 2nd one days after. These are lifetime belts that I will give to my son when I am done with them. Great work

The Judge Belt
Brian Makela
Best Belts Ever!

I have seven Mack Belts and they are all amazing. Well constructed. I wear them for safety when I travel to Guadalajara.

These are the best belts ever! I have seven. I wear these to Guadalajara for production.

They're handmade by a Navy Seal.


Love it!

Just love the quality, look, and feel of this leather belt! And the buckle is, as expected, resistant to nuclear blast. Conforms to fit well, but plenty sturdy for my work and OWB EDC kit. Can't recommend highly enough. Great product from a great American!

The Oxblood Belt
karen nicol
Very happy Scottish customer

Bought this for my operator husband. He loves it - thank you!!

Rust Oak Gun Belt
MSG David Hall
The only belt a man needs..

The Rust Oak Gun Belt is the only belt a man will ever need! Well, apperantly not because I love it so much I had to buy the The Governor, and the Sahara Gun Belt. If my pajamas had belt loops, I'd wear them to bed. -MSG David Hall

Fantastic Belt

The belt is heavy duty and seems like it will last a lifetime. I love it.

The Hatchet Belt
Special Breaks LLC
2nd Belt

This is my 2nd Mack Belt. Great on all levels


Superior workmanship! Thank you.

Great belts

After I received first one, likes so much ordered another on

The Governor Belt
First Mack

Very nice belt. I will definitely get another.

The Governor Belt
James Meeker
Mach Belts eule

Highest quality, looks great and Made In USA!

Women's Gun Belt
Linda Stenzel

I was thrilled to get this belt. It was everything as advertised and more. Enjoy!
More colors please!

Tough but gorgeous!

Had to get a brown version after my over the moon black belt. Compliments everywhere I go and this piece of leather is so beautiful I want to wear both belts at the same time!! Thanks Mack!

Coal Black Gun Belt
Dave Pilotte

great belt!