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The Bighorn Belt
Michael Sites
Exchange needed

I requested an exchange 10 days ago but have not received a response other than asking for a review.

Gift for sibling, I imagine he will love it as much as myself.

Great belt! Love it!!

The Geronimo Belt
Craig Keller

Absolutely love the belts. The sizing and materials are perfect. Bravo Zulu

Bobbyv Belt Review

Best dang belts on the planet - no exceptions!

The Geronimo Belt
Johnpaul McGreal
Goodness the quality

Mack’s work has set the bar for quality. I use them both for work and day to day and also for dressing. My wife never noticed my belt until now


El cinturón es de buena calidad muy bueno

The Ironsides Belt
Edward Caliri
Best belt ever!

Second one of these and very pleased with both of them.

The Freedom Belt
Elle Hanson
Awesome Belt

I bought this belt for my husband and he absolutely loves it! It’s durable and American Made!

The Ridgeback Belt
this is my second Mack Belt

So Mack was very gracious when I ordered my first had to be bigger than the largest he made. That's customer service. Now I'm down to the largest they advertise they make. I wore it everyday for a year and a half and it looks as good as the day I bought it. That's quality. I knew when I got my first belt it wouldn't be my last Mack Belt, but neither will my second. Keep kicking ass and leaving a footprint.

My only suggestion is: bring back the Double Ox Blood!!

Semper Fidelis,


The Hammer Belt
William Racz

I couldn't be happier. Its beautiful design adds a stylish touch to any outfit, and the fit is just perfect—super comfortable and functional. This isn't just a regular belt; it's made with top-notch materials. If you're looking for versatility, comfort, and durability, The Hammer Belt is the way to go. Highly recommend it!

The Classic Belt
Christopher Johnson
Awesome Design!

This is my second belt purchase and I’m very pleased in the superior execution of the belt’s rugged design, look and feel.

Keep up the wonderful work…

The Whisky Stitched Belt
Mark Allen
Great belt; totally satisfied!

Great belt; totally satisfied!

The Patriot Mack Belt
Wesley Spence
My new favorite belt

Simply top-notch leather that is shaped and finished by true craftsmen; the buckle itself is a work of art that could double as a battle mace in medieval times. Can't recommend it enough...just go get one.

A Great Investment

I knew they were gonna be nice ---- I just didn't think it would be that nice --- far exceeded my expectations.

The Hatchet Belt
Johnpaul McGreal
Mack Belts makers are craftsmen

The quality is unquestionable the best!!

The Whisky Stitched Belt
Bill M.
No more curled leather!

Previous belts I’ve had tended to bow over time and the top part of the leather curled over and lost its rigidity. I don’t think this is going to be the issue with the Macks Belt. Love the look of the belt, thickness, rigidity, and craftsmanship put into each one. So much that I purchased two more - one to give my brother and one for my nephew. I know they will appreciate the quality and message behind these belts, the employees, and what they stand for.

Rust Oak Belt
Jeff Shorter
You may think you already have a great belt(s)…

As a near 60 year old man, I’ve owned my share of belts and buckles… and truthfully it’s rare to have real favorites - but you know when you do and you wear them until they can’t go any further. Mack Belts are at a price point that may give you pause, but your only regret is waiting so long to buy one. I have the same regret. I bought 3 different belts 12 days ago and have worn one every day. Amazing quality leather and the buckle construction… if only all American made goods were up to this standard. These belts will easily outrun me, but their next stage will be as priceless heirlooms. Thank you Mack

Traditional Ridgeback Belt
Rafael Bastardo - AUH 10597
Great Belt

Excellent quality, fit and look.
It would nice to have a Mack Belt hanger.

The Governor Belt
Kelvin Arellano
Best in Class

I’ve bought tons of belts that never lasted me more than a year. This is one of the most elegant and precisely crafted belts I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. It fits great and looks even better. Thank you Mack Belts!

The Traditional Belt
George Auten
First Mack’s Belt

Exceptional quality and materials. Accurate sizing. Pants waist size is belt size.

Rust Oak Belt
Pablo Snead
Rust Oak Belt

Better than expected. The leather is the highest quality, and width is awesome. The improvements with Gen 2.0 are even better than expected. The color is great. I thought my old Drifter belt was the best. Now it's second best!

Rust Oak Belt
Nathan Meckel
My Rust Oak Mack Belt

Great belt. Perfect sizing.

The Governor Belt
John Schindler
Governor Belt

Excellent quality! Great design!
This a great example of workmanship and pride in producing a product that will last forever!

The Sawtooth 2.0 Belt
Dwight Dvirnak

Nice Looking and Very well constructed belt and buckle. Pretty much wear it everyday of the week. If you are looking for a belt and buckle that will last until JESUS returns, here is the belt to purchase. One thing is it is made in the USA by our military veterans 😁 which is SWEET!! Thank You for your service!!
GOD Bless, Dwight