Failure Is Your Greatest Asset

I rebuilt my life with $41, built a business from NOTHING and see FAILURE as my greatest asset.
Naturally, when people see SUCCESS they want to try to replicate it. Matter of fact they want the exact formula used so they can apply it too
So here it is: The secret ingredient to MY success has been FAILURE. Hundreds and hundreds probably even thousands of times I’ve arrived at the feet of FAILURE
FAILURE is hard. It eats time, dashes your hopes, crushes dreams, drains finances, and destroys the systems and relationships you’ve built. The list is long
Sure It’s easy to learn from others MISTAKES but nothing can replicate the learning curve of when YOU are the one footing FAILURE’S BILL! That moment when ALL of your determination and hard work arrives at the cold realization that your approach and process did not WORK. It’s a harsh taste of reality, a dose of HUMILITY, and a reminder that LIFE doesn’t care how bad you WANT IT
The best part about FAILURE in business is that LIFE GOES ON. Sure you’ve wasted time, sacrifice, energy, and money but LIFE GOES ON
Veterans take FAILURE personally because in the high risk profession they once worked, FAILURE meant someone was dead or injured and there is no room for that
Civilians take FAILURE so hard because they believe it’s a reflection of their character or reputation and highlights their inability to choose the right course
This FEAR of failure creates a couch potato stuck in the SAFE ZONE
I’ve FAILED more times than I can count both as a SEAL and business owner. But the journey of constantly trying to “crack the code” was the most FUN I ever had. The long nights of going for broke and constantly wondering if I had what it took to level up
Here’s the SHOCK, when you do finally find SUCCESS it will be bitter sweet.. That’s right you read that correctly because it’s the closing of a chapter of struggle. Your mindset is forced to transition to now managing and maintenance of this new found SUCCESS which is an entirely different beast
So if you’re starting out, looking for the EASY button remember this: there are no HOME RUNS in the beginning. There’s not some secret piece of advice that’s gonna propel you to the front of the line. ENTITLEMENT will crush you. There is NO WAY around relentless hard work
So that idea you’ve been sitting on, that business plan, that product idea or nonprofit. You are planning yourself into ACTION PARALYSIS. So STOP and JUMP IN. The 80% solution will suffice for now, refine on the way up
In the unlikely event you finally “GO” and take the RISK, FAILURE will be the first thing to greet you, to stop you dead in your tracks, get you to turn tail, and double back to the SAFE ZONE of guaranteed mediocrity
Every repetition of FAILURE is the super secret TOOL that will refine your PROCESS and lead you to the ever-so-coveted mountain top of SUCCESS
Work smarter, harder, and never stop learning, RISE UP and KEEP HAMMERING

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