Macks Belts: Forging the Future of U.S.A. Made Belts


In a world driven by import production and poor quality, Macks Belts stands as a beacon of hope for the revival of American craftsmanship. Embracing a rich legacy deeply rooted in the golden era of manufacturing, the Macks Belts team has embarked on a mission to become the new leader of the American belt industry. Our team stands proudly at the intersection of heritage and innovation, under the visions and leadership of retired Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, and American manufacturing revivalist, Mack Alexander who is driven by a patriotic passion to dominate the industry by providing customers with U.S.A. handcrafted belts that will last for generations. 

Mack initially turned to leather crafting as a therapeutic activity following a traumatic brain injury. His creations started with repurposing old belts from the Salvation Army into dog collars. However, his trajectory changed when a former teammate requested a belt for an upcoming deployment. Drawing from his military experience, Mack designed a belt he knew could meet the demands of an operator's life. The quality and durability of his belts gained widespread popularity, prompting Mack to specialize solely on belt production. Reflecting his commitment to quality and patriotism he sourced his materials exclusively from the United States and started Macks Belts. 

At the core of every handmade Mack Belt are vintage American-made machines, some of which date back to 1940 like this Brown & Sharpe automatic screw machine below. These resilient machines, with their sturdy steel frames and timeless designs, are more than historic; they embody a time when meticulous craftsmanship was the norm, and these vintage marvels are the machines that guard the legacy of Macks Belts.

A picture showing some of the various machines used to build Mack belts

 Macks Belts builds on a foundation of quality and this begins with every raw material we choose for our Mack belts, it is this dedication to detail that propels our belts from accessories to exquisite American-made masterpieces that are built to last for generations. 

Our unwavering commitment to quality is rooted in patriotism which is why we only build our belts from 100% American-made materials!  it's this dedication to our country and attention to detail that sets Macks Belts apart from other belt companies. We meticulously build each belt one at a time to ensure that every stitch, every cut, and every machined part is deserving of the Macks Belts brand. We are full speed ahead redefining what it means to be Made in the U.S.A.  We look forward to earning your business.  Welcome to Macks Belts.
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