Our Mission


In a world driven by import production and poor quality, Macks Belts stands as a beacon of hope for the revival of American craftsmanship. Embracing a rich legacy deeply rooted in the golden era of manufacturing, the Macks Belts team has embarked on a mission to become the new leader of the American belt industry. Our team stands proudly at the intersection of heritage and innovation, under the visions and leadership of Mack Alexander who is driven by a patriotic passion to dominate the industry by providing customers with the highest quality U.S.A. handcrafted belts that are built to last for generations. 

Mack initially turned to leather crafting as a therapeutic outlet following a traumatic brain injury that ended his Navy SEAL career. Retiring out of the military during the height of COVID-19 lock down he was unable to find a job. But It was while shopping at a local Salvation Army that would change his life and kick start his entrepreneurial journey of starting Macks Belts. 


He originally started repurposing old $1 belts from the Salvation Army into dog collars. However, his trajectory changed when a former teammate requested a belt for an upcoming deployment. Drawing from his military experience, Mack designed a belt he knew could meet the demands of the the operators life. The quality and durability of his belts gained widespread popularity within the special operations community prompting Mack to specialize solely on belt production!

An image of Mack proudly standing next to an automatic screw machine used in crafting buckles for Mack belts. Mack, with a confident stance, showcases the manufacturing process. The machine's intricate details and Mack's presence convey the craftsmanship and dedication behind each buckle's creation, offering insight into the meticulous production of Mack belts.

At the core of every one of Macks Belt is premium U.S.A. made leather and American steel turned on vintage American-made machines, some of which date back to 1940 like this Brown & Sharpe automatic screw machine below. These resilient machines, with their sturdy steel frames and timeless designs, are more than historic; they embody a time when meticulous craftsmanship was the norm, and these vintage marvels are the machines that guard the legacy of a Mack Belt.

A picture showing some of the various machines used to build Mack belts

 Macks Belts are built on a foundation of quality and this begins with every raw material we choose for our Mack belts, it is this dedication to detail that propels our belts from accessories to exquisite American-made masterpieces  that will last for generations.

Our unwavering commitment to quality is rooted in patriotism which is why we build our belts in U.S.A. We are full speed ahead setting a higher standard for American made products! We look forward to earning your business and building you one of the the toughest belts on Earth.
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Based on 825 reviews
The Governor Belt
Kelvin Arellano
Best in Class

I’ve bought tons of belts that never lasted me more than a year. This is one of the most elegant and precisely crafted belts I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. It fits great and looks even better. Thank you Mack Belts!

The Traditional Belt
George Auten
First Mack’s Belt

Exceptional quality and materials. Accurate sizing. Pants waist size is belt size.

Rust Oak Belt
Pablo Snead
Rust Oak Belt

Better than expected. The leather is the highest quality, and width is awesome. The improvements with Gen 2.0 are even better than expected. The color is great. I thought my old Drifter belt was the best. Now it's second best!

Rust Oak Belt
Nathan Meckel
My Rust Oak Mack Belt

Great belt. Perfect sizing.

The Governor Belt
John Schindler
Governor Belt

Excellent quality! Great design!
This a great example of workmanship and pride in producing a product that will last forever!

The Sawtooth 2.0 Belt
Dwight Dvirnak

Nice Looking and Very well constructed belt and buckle. Pretty much wear it everyday of the week. If you are looking for a belt and buckle that will last until JESUS returns, here is the belt to purchase. One thing is it is made in the USA by our military veterans 😁 which is SWEET!! Thank You for your service!!
GOD Bless, Dwight

I Love my new belt

Rigid enough to EDC, pretty enough to wear in the office, strong enough to withstand whatever I have planned for the weekend!

The Governor Belt
John Moore

Love it ! I had it signed by (3) UFC Hall of Famers that are also proud Mack Belt owners !

The Ridgeback Belt
Timothy Stotler

Love my new Ridgeback, thankful my daddy didn't have one this good to whip me with as a kid. Fits great, great quality- fast shipping. Will purchase again and highly recommend. A+++++++


Very sturdy well made belt. Thought it might be uncomfortable because it’s so thick, but it’s not! Instantly my favorite.

The Hatchet Belt
joshua reinhardt
Only belt I’ll ever need

Just the color alone sold me. But the belt is strong, sturdy, not too stiff but also not flimsy. Couldn’t be happier with this belt. I want all the dark belts and in time I’ll have them.

The Governor Belt
Robert Spessard

I love that these belts are 100% US made and by veterans. Oh, did I mention they are the best belts ever?!

The Operator Belt
Charlie Heerbrandt

Great belt well made

Best belt I’ve ever worn, it’s a thicker leather but super comfortable and the buckle rocks! I’ve received a few compliments already.

The Governor Belt
Carlos Vale

Beautiful belt high quality I love it.

The Bighorn Belt
Levi Smith
Best quality I’ve had in a belt

Love it

I own at least seven Mack Belts. They are the absolute best belts ever. Made in the USA!!!

A heavy duty belt, built for a lifetime!

I just received my first Mack belt (Patriot Mack in rust oak) and almost had to call for a spotter to help me lift it out of the box. These things are built like brick shithouses. More natural animal body armor than fashion accessory. I feel fairly confident that if someone shoots me in the waist with a pistol caliber round, this belt is going to slough it off like nothing, thus saving my life.

Thank you Mack for crafting such high quality belts.


Not just another belt!

I bought the Judge belt intending to support an American made, veteran owned business. I actually have a number of belts so could justify not needing another. However, the Mack belt is true craftsmanship and substantial in the quality and the sheer amount of leather. I will be buying another in the near future. Love what you are doing Mack belt team, keep up the terrific work.

Great belt

The quality is impeccable, the fit is comfortable and it looks good. It is perfect complement to a business tactical wardrobe.

The Geronimo Belt
Michael OConnor
An Incredible Belt

The Geronimo belt is my favorite to date. The "Mack Belts" are the only belts that I have which hold up to tough wear every day. Even when running with concealed carry, the belt doesn't sag, bend or change at all. The darker stich is great for changing up the look too. Moving forward, this will be my favorite belt which I look forward to sharing with friends and family as they took look for the toughest belt in the world! Thanks Mack for the incredible quality and service!

Comfortable and durable

This belt needs no break- in period. It’s comfortable, functional and durable straight from the box!

Incredible craftsmanship, top notch materials. I’ve bought before and I’ll buy again. Cheers Mack!

Great American Made Product!

The belt is well made, comfortable and will last for years. It is a worthy investment, makes a great gift and looks good! Well done Macks Belts!!! 👍👍

Rust Oak Belt
Timothy McCool
TK McCool

Thrilled with the Mack Belt, I believe this will last forever. Great quality!