The Bighorn Belt
The Bighorn Belt
The Bighorn Belt
The Bighorn Belt

The Bighorn Belt

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  • Hand-cut from our veg-tanned, full-grain American leather, dyed to a traditional Bighorn Brown.
  • Contoured and stabilized with white UV-resistant parallel border stitch.
  • Handmade right here in the U.S.A. by Special Operations Veterans.
  • All Macks Belts go through an extensive tanning process in the U.S.A.
  • Precision machined Macks steel buckle + traditional D-Ring keeper secured with anti-corrosive American hardware.
  • Extra thick at 1.5 width. Designed to be unbreakable.
  • A perfect solution for casual or dress wear.
  • Macks Belts are the toughest belts on Earth™ and the highest caliber of American craftsmanship.

    BELT SIZING: Plan to use your belt for everyday casual wear? Purchase your actual blue jeans waist size. Plan to carry OWB, IWB, pouches, or tools. Select at least one size larger. For example, a waist size 33 should purchase a belt size 34. In the unlikely event your belt does not fit we offer FREE exchanges however shipping costs are not included.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews

    I have never spent that kind of scratch on a belt, and I did so with a fair degree of trepidation. When my belt arrived (after an almost impossibly short wait), and I opened the box, I knew that i would be spending that much on a belt at LEAST two more times.

    See, they’re offered in different colors 😉

    The only note of caution that I have (ATTN: Mack actual) - every other belt I have ever owned had five holes to adjust the length.

    This one has NINE.

    Not that there’s anything the matter with that, but if I had known, I would likely have ordered a size or two longer to allow for expansion should I ever gain some weight.

    If you are on the fence about buying one of these burly straps of American badassery, go on ahead and do it. You can easily find a cheaper belt, but it’ll be a LONG month of Sundays before you find one as well-constructed. I’ve only had mine for a week, and I’m alreadytrying to decide on what color to swing at next…that ‘Whiskey Mack’ looks mighty fine…


    Harry Dixson
    The Absolute Best

    The minute I opened the box I could tell. This is absolutely what we expect in Texas, bar none! Thank you Mack Belts!!

    Dianne Seymour

    Purchased this for my brother-in-law and he said not only was it a "GREAT BELT" but the "BEST GIFT EVER"! Thanks Mack!

    Jason Rother
    Best Belt In The World

    Got me Bighorn Belt over a week ago and I’ve worn it everyday since. It’s perfect for my concealed carry, very durable

    Mike Robinson
    A high-quality belt

    The belt is well-made with an impressive buckle. I wasn't sure about the D-ring, but find it to be unobtrusive yet effective. There are plenty of holes for adjustment with or without a IWB holster, and the belt is stiff enough you don't need it to be very tight to be effective. I am pleased.

    Scott Diggs
    Own 5 Belts Now

    Keep making. I’ll keep buying.

    THE belt among belts

    fantastic belt