YOU are all you NEED...

YOU are all you NEED...

I identified a problem and I found a way to build something tougher, more dangerous, and more patriotic, the end result was the toughest belt in the world and a seven-figure business. Here's some insight into my bass akwards approach to SUCESS and some hard lessons I learned

I marketed my FAILURES rather than the HIGHLIGHT reel because people can relate more to brokenness than you with your shirt off at the gym

I wanted to be the best in the world at one thing: BUILDING BELTS and I believed that quality would drive quantity. But my philosophy was rejected time and time again by the folks with the framed piece of paper on the wall

In the beginning, I did what my business mentors told me to do, most had an MBA from a top school and because I doubted myself I listened. I changed things up. It backfired EVERY TIME. So I stopped listening

I took on no investors and continually reinvested everything I made back into refining the product and because of that, I'm only accountable to the man upstairs, my wife, two children, and the IRS

I rejected the good idea Fairys who said I needed to abandon the belt idea and should focus on key chains, wallets, and mouse pads because "That was where the money is"

I was ripped off by countless "celebrities, influencers, operators and nonprofits" who use their platforms and inner circle to get FREE stuff from the little guy! (So if you're just starting don't give anything away for FREE

99% of people who tell you they WILL and CAN actually WONT... But eventually, you will be able to spot the overpromisers underdeliverers a mile away

I tried so hard to get people to get on board in the beginning phases. They wanted six-figure salaries and all the schedule flexibility in the world. So I did things myself

Don't do business with someone you have never looked in their eyes and felt their handshake. A partnership is the only ship that doesn't sail.

Building the team will be the hardest thing you do. Finding competence will be harder and finding people willing to RISK it all for a start-up was next to impossible. You will be surprised how much you can do yourself

The irony is that when you find SUCCESS it will be just as lonely as FAILURE but when you look back being able to say you stayed true to the IDEA is the greatest feeling that money can never be

Turn REJECTION into the fuel that keeps you going... trust me there is no shortage of that in this world so your tank should be FULL all the time!

My warning for all those aspiring entrepreneurs is that If you have a dream, idea, or gut feeling having the COURAGE to stand alone and TRUST yourself will be what catapults you to the top not the slick-haired fast talker you pay 6 figures.

There is no linear path to the million-dollar mark and the process will be defined by YOU not THEM

If you stay ROGUE and believe that YOU are all you need one day your phone will be blowing up with people willing to NOW accept your OFFER!
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