My Big Break!

My Big Break!

If you drive by any Salvation Army at 9:55am any day of the week besides Sunday there will be a line of people waiting for those doors to unlock. How do I know that? Well, I use to be the one waiting in line

Back then I knew nothing about leather, sewing, or how to run a business. But what I did know is that the old crusty belts on the rack for sale for $1 I could shorten those into dog collars and RESELL them!

I also figured out I could sweet talk the folks at the counter into letting me in the back room so I could sort through the new donations that hadn’t been put on the show floor… I could get those for .50 cents!

I hit every thrift store in the area and eventually got on a first name basis with the folks working the register who would set aside old leather belts for me.

I was a man on a mission... Once I got em, I cleaned em, chopped em, put buckles on em, took a picture with my phone and sold them on instagram,

I could not afford a nice work table so I pieced together some old wood and stacked that on cinder blocks. I worked tirelessly on that wobbly table turning those old nasty belts filled with JOE BOB’S juice into something beautiful again.

Times have changed greatly for me and I am quite pampered these days! My production facility is no longer hammering on the counter of an Airbnb, I have A/C and really nice work benches that don’t wobble!

But If you approached me in that line years ago and said one day you'll be running a successful business and your story is gonna help thousands of other people. I would have never believed you.. I was broke, broken and a wreck by every measurable standard.. REDEMPTION of that caliber would have felt impossible..

Now every morning on my way to the warehouse I pass by one of the Salvation Army's I use to hit and I see those folks waiting in line… and It brings a huge smile to my face!

But if my business goes under you know where to find me at 9:55am... See you there!
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