The Keys to Success

So you want to lead, build, grow, or start something? Here’s how I did it and the philosophy that forged my success.
Back story, I built a company with $41 dollars in the garage of an Airbnb I bought old leather belts from the Salvation Army and turned them into dog collars. For years I continuously reinvested everything back in and paid myself nothing. I found mentors and built a team of talented people who were smarter than me. I worked tirelessly and constantly sought ways to refine what many thought was complete.
Along the way, I FAILED numerous times and made more mistakes than I can count. I've been turned down and rejected more times than I can remember.
Now I lead one of the fastest-growing companies in our industry.
My key to success is a simple mindset of relentless perseverance and GRATITUDE. Every morning when my feet hit the ground I am reminded of the opportunities that wait for me.
I've lived all over the world and have been up close and personal with war, poverty, death, and sacrifice. I've seen firsthand the cost of what it takes to keep our flag flying. America is the greatest country in the world. Many folks all around the world would give everything they have to wake up in the U.S.A. and have the same opportunities we ALL get every day. This is one of the few places where anyone can achieve anything.
I'm thankful for what I HAVE and I don't complain about what I don't. I see every day as a blessing. When success hits I get HUMBLE and when hard times come I am GRATEFUL. I lift the others up and I give when you can. I never forget that tiny Airbnb garage but I focus on what's to come. I am constantly reminded by the neatly folded flag on my dresser that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness a gift paid for by those we will never forget.
NOTHING is in your way, Except YOU  #neveroutofthefight

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