The Comback Story

The Comback Story

I was an enemy-focused person. Every morning when I woke up I needed something to seek out and destroy. I was wired for CHAOS, LIVED for it and I THRIVED because of it.

It’s a by-product of the warrior spirit, something that lives in many of us and is even more common among the PROTECTOR communities.

When that uniform came off the lack of an ENEMY caused me to spiral. My inability to channel my desire to FIGHT caused complete HAVOC.

The very thing that was supposed to help me SURVIVE was now DESTROYING me and I was the reason.

I was so ANGRY about my life not panning out as I had planned that it blinded me from being GRATEFUL.

In my BITTERNESS I had forgotten all those that had sacrificed so that I could LIVE. I was front site focused on what I LOST versus what I HAD. I became SELFISH.

This mindset took me to the rock of rock bottoms. I was embarrassed and I hated who I had become because I knew my BROTHERS would not be proud of this version of me. The feeling that I let down those I loved most manifested into the unbearable weight of SHAME and GUILT.

So how did I make my way OUT?

Well as my life continued to spiral out of control, I made the conscious decision to FIGHT once more but this time it was for the COMEBACK.

Once I had a clearly defined objective on what to DESTROY the mindset shift for me was LIFE SAVING because it brought me out of the ANGER and into ABUNDANCE. It brought me out of the PAST and made me focus on the FUTURE and BITTERNESS no longer took front and center.

As time went on the anxious knot in my stomach slowly dissolved.

Here’s the thing….. I know I am not the last one who will fall on hard times and what I can do is help pass down what brought me out of the pit that my EGO once tried to bury me in.

So to my brother or sister at those crossroads. The ones contemplating the great fold and struggling with the greatest LIE you could ever tell yourself. I want you to know that although we may not know each other personally we are bonded in the FIGHT and united in the HARDSHIPS we share and for that I LOVE YOU.

I know what it’s like when the tank is empty and the heart is broken. But I promise you the GRACE you think you are falling from you’re actually falling to.

The STRENGTH you need to REBUILD will come from IT. Do not deprive the world of your great COMEBACK story.
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