Shark Tank Fail...

Shark Tank Fail...

Since day one of my entrepreneurial journey I was told, “You should audition for SHARK TANK.” So I did…

A few other people I knew who made it onto the show got a level of exposure that sent their business into the stratosphere.

I believe Mack Belts™ is the real rugged entrepreneur story. I built a great business at an unlikely time and persevered through hard times. I have the numbers to impress and a story that offers others hope. So Flight 3632 to Baltimore I boarded.

Once those wheels touched down, I started my recon of the audition location and treated it just like a mission. Once I familiarized myself with the area I decided to catch some z’s so my brain was sharp for the next day

BEEP. BEEP. 3:00 am the alarm clock goes off. Audition day is here. I put on my finest suit and rehearsed my pitch for the thousandth time in the hotel mirror. I grabbed my box containing “The Bighorn Belt” one of my best-selling Mack Belts™ and off I went

4:30 am myself and several other entrepreneurs were already in line waiting. Wristbands won’t get passed out until 10:30 am. If you get one of those then you are guaranteed a pitch

It was typical selection mentality amongst a group, participants sizing each other up, comparing, and making their guesses as to who will get picked

I will tell you, I’ve been in extreme heat from Africa to the Middle East. But standing in a suit on a scorching July morning in Maryland with not a cloud in the sky for hours is a special kind of hot that makes you wish you brought another dress shirt!

There were about 300 other entrepreneurs from every corner of the country anxiously waiting with me for their chance at the 60-seconds that could change their life

At 10:06 am the crowd went wild comparable to a buzzer-beating 3-pointer. The moment had come, the Los Angelos casting crew was marching in with their lattes and clipboards in hand

As I paced around the waiting area I could see in the eyes of my other competitors that they were here to dominate. Like the starting line of a marathon, you could feel the energy and smell the anticipation. It was as if we were all about to jump out of an airplane together! People's dreams were here to be mangled or made

1:00 pm my lucky number 72 had finally been called. I was hurried into a tiny room, handed the casting crew one of my American-made Mack Belts™ and executed my 60 seconds to perfection

She asked me a few questions, I thanked her for her time, and I went on my way back to the airport

Hours, days, then weeks went by, and NOTHING. It was evident I did not make the cut

But during the process, I realized something that provided the closure I needed for my comeback story. On that scorching day in Salisbury, Maryland I was once again standing amongst my fellow Americans who were daring enough to push through the fear of failure to achieve something greater. I was once again in the company of those who possess the heart of a lion
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