Service Never Stops

"For many, once the uniform comes off that loss of purpose is real and hits harder than you would expect. There is no greater call than to defend and protect all that you love against an enemy unfathomably barbaric.

Legs are hanging out the side of a Black Hawk moving 100mph
Watching the world through white phosphorus NVGs
The cold feel of your M4 lying in your lap.
Shoulder to shoulder with your best friends, brothers, and "coworkers."

It truly is the most ALIVE you will ever feel.

Eventually, the titles, clothes, and tools will change...

BUT Protecting our country and all that we hold dear goes beyond the uniform. To all my veterans and soon-to-be transitioning service members. I challenge you to share your story, share your hardship, and share your talents with the world. Lead from the front, and lead loudly. Our country needs veteran entrepreneurs now more than ever to stand in the gap and take back #americanmanufacturing

The fight will continue because as we all know you are #neveroutofthefight and for our nation's warriors SERVICE never STOPS.

Get clear, find a mentor, build the team, take action, fail, reset, fail, reset, fail, reset, fail, fail, reset... WIN"

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