I have started 6 companies. 5 have failed. The one I thought would NOT make it was the one that did. I only became an entrepreneur because I couldn't find a JOB during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The one I thought would not make it started with $41 dollars. As far as my success stats go I'm at an 84% Failure rate on my entrepreneurial endeavors.

The one that did succeed every dollar I made I reinvested back into infrastructure, raw materials, talent, and marketing

I am still semi-poor and stressed to the MAX but I am FREE from the mundane office politics, good-idea fairies, and the golden spoon bosses and that is PRICELESS

BUT... once I first started I ate failure repeatedly and hit the drawing board again and again and again until I had a product that had traction

So to all those folks getting laid off right now from the career they thought would take them to retirement. Or maybe you are retiring and looking for that next THING.

NOW is your time to become an entrepreneur because technology and social media platforms make it easier than ever before.

If you dare to start down the lonely road of entrepreneurship don't put yourself in the hole during the planning phase. Get the product to market, and test it on sales channels. See if the world is receptive to the problem you are solving with your business.

I promise you that FAILURE will be the first to thing congratulate you, in hopes of getting you to tuck tail and turn back to the mentality of the HERD.

I PROMISE if you stay relentless, persistent, and align your passion with a product, the money will come.

So while the majority are stuck in FEAR of a looming crash the sharks and the wolves are scooping up machines and talent for half price and getting ready to pounce.

I've been homeless, completely broke, and slept in my car for months. Losing everything is something I’m not afraid of and honestly not that hard to RECOVER from if you are willing to GRIND.

The greatest thing about AMERICA is the opportunity available to us all. In this great country, you can be POOR on Monday. RICH on Tuesday and BROKE by Friday.

So why many choose to bang on their high chair and focus on WHY THEY CAN'T the AMERICAN DREAM goes sailing by.

If I can do IT so can you… Number 7 is in the works

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