From Battlefield To Belt Maker

Macks Belts is owned by Retired Navy SEAL Mack Alexander who previously worked as a lead breacher and assaulter and deployed to Africa and Yemen. But after a career-ending injury, he was retired early from the SEAL Teams.

The early and unplanned exit from the military during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown presented a variety of challenges. He was unable to find employment and struggled to find purpose. But like any veteran should, he devoted himself to rebuilding a life that would honor his fellow service members and their family's sacrifices.

It was while shopping for a dress shirt at a local thrift store that he saw an old leather belt for sale for $1. He got the idea that he could turn that leather belt into a dog collar for a service dog he was getting.

He felt the skill of leather crafting was bringing him a sense of peace and he knew it could be beneficial for other veterans. He shared his newfound passion with other veterans and assembled the Mack Belts team! Mack Belts started in a tiny garage and has now grown to become a premium U.S.A. leather belt manufacturer with thousands of veteran-crafted belts worn all over the world! 

Despite Mack's challenges he rebuilt his life and at the same time built a successful business rooted in the foundations of patriotism and honoring those who serve. He hopes his "total life reset" will motivate and remind those going through hard times to never give up and to keep hammering.


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