The Western Wave - Mack Belts™
The Western Wave - Mack Belts™
The Western Wave - Mack Belts™
The Western Wave - Mack Belts™
The Western Wave - Mack Belts™
The Western Wave - Mack Belts™
The Western Wave - Mack Belts™
The Western Wave - Mack Belts™

The Western Wave

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  • Hand-cut from our veg-tanned, full grain saddle leather, dyed to give it a true one hundred year look and finished with our signature 'western wave stitch™' pattern.
  • Handmade right here in the U.S.A. by veterans.

  • Mack Buckle™ and multipurpose D-Ring hardware. 

  • Our belts are extra thick at 1.5 inch width of 15 ounce leather, designed to never sag, stretch or warp. 

  • Perfect for everyday wear, OWB, and IWB.

  • The finest quality American craftsmanship with an impact to military charities.

  • Mack Belts™ are the toughest belts on Earth.

BELT SIZING: Plan to use your belt for everyday casual wear? Purchase your actual blue jeans waist size. Plan to carry OWB, IWB, pouches, or tools. Select at least one size larger. For example, a waist size 33 should purchase a belt size 34. In the unlikely event your belt does not fit we offer FREE exchanges however shipping costs are not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Belt Tougher Than Oilfield

After over 40 years of working on drilling rigs offshore and land this belt far exceeds all others I’ve worn. Mack’s claim that his are the toughest belts on earth is a solid fact. Another important part to me is that it is all 100% USA materials and crafted by USA veterans. I proudly wear mine working to provide American Energy!

Zachary Nyberg
1 of 3

This is the third Mack Beck I own, all of them are great. Super durable, and great customer service.

Kevin Holland
Best belt I’ve ever owned

Great, sturdy belt for everyday use and also a perfect gun belt. I wouldn’t be scared to hook into a little bird with this thing!

Scotty O
Best belt ever!!!

It’s hard to believe there can be such a difference in how belts are constructed, but Mack Belts are far and away the highest quality belt I have ever owned.

Toughest Belt on Earth

Toughest Belt a man could ask for. Durable, well built, and can smash a car window. American as it gets. USA Tough.

Best belt I've ever owned!

If you're looking for a belt that will last a lifetime, look no further than Mack's belts. I'm proud to own and wear his belt, and help Mack support veteran causes. You'll never find a better belt or a better guy than Mack!

Never been better!

While the exact model of my belt isn’t offered anymore this is the most similar that Mack offers currently. I bought my belt from Mack in 2021 under the old brand name. I was impressed with his work and I immediately upon opening it I knew it would be an item that was here to stay for a long time. Almost two years of DAILY wear later and my belt shows no signs of wear. Looking at the pictures of these new belts you can tell he has really honed his craft and these new belts are more refined and another step in the right direction. I’ve actually been considering purchasing another, not because mines worn out, but just to support an awesome dude making an awesome product. I honestly don’t think you could wear one of these out if you tried, they really are next level.

If the product won’t get ya (and if it doesn’t you’re lying) then Mack will. I chatted with him some when I first got my belt. He took the time to answer questions and point me in the right direction. He‘s personable and incredibly enthusiastic about what he does. The type of guy to put all of himself into everything he does and the leather goods he’s pumping out here are a testament to that.

Now, stop what you’re doing. Quit reading reviews. And just pull the trigger on the last belt you’ll ever have to buy.